Married To Social Work

Started by two social workers married to the love of their profession and to each other. Working as therapists, we have the honor of helping others realize their fullest potential. One of the reasons we love our profession so much is that we get to apply clinical knowledge to our own lives and have seen the benefits.


Wedding vows often include "for better or worse" which points to the ups and downs of life. Want to know an unpopular opinion? Something Disney and Romcoms do not want you to know? Marriage is not supposed to be easy. It is the natural process for marriage to bring out the worst in you! This is because it magnifies the parts of ourselves that are ugly and need to be refined. 


Healthy marriages require two individually healthy people.  

Your partner can expose you but they cannot heal you. You must acknowledge and then invest in yourself. What's beautiful is when you both lean into the discomfort of self-improvement, you will find authentic connection and friendship with your spouse. For better and worse. 



Married To Social Work is an approved provider of CEU's by the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners. Look for free virtual CEU's periodically!


The Couple

Clay and Meagan have been married almost eight years and have four precious pups. Clay is an Enneagram 9w1 and Meagan is a 2w3. Both lovers of road trips, game night, The Office and Schitts Creek.


They both work for the VA: Clay as a mental health therapist and Meagan as a suicide prevention coordinator.